Short Story 1

As she sits on her couch trying to concentrate on her homework, her mind takes her back into time. Back to where she was younger and a lot freer. She thought about the good old days. When, she was in love and happy. He made her so happy. She felt that she could do anything. She made him want to be anything. Her life was truly her own. Until, that faithful day when he walked out. When he said he didn’t want to be a family anymore.
She was heartbroken and crushed. What did she do to deserve this. She believed in God, she could have stood to go to church and praise him a little bit more than what she did, but in retrospect she felt she was a good follower. Back then her life was in shambles. The man she loved walked out without any explanation.


Here we go again, “What?” Natasha cried. “Open up girl I have something to tell you!” her roommate said. “Oh boy here we go again” Natasha whispered.
Natasha walked to the door and opened it. Her roommate busted through the door and plopped on her bed. She opened her mouth but Natasha heard nothing. She just kept daydreaming about her life. She wondered where she went wrong. Why didn’t she have a man? Why can’t she have kids?

You see Natasha was a Kindergarten teacher. It was her dream since she was like 5. She got to be a part of someone’s life. She wanted to be the story that her children told when they learned how to read and write. She wanted to see the joy on their face when they finally understood. She wanted to teach. She could sympathize with the parents. She had so much patience it was unchanging. People often told her that she was born to be teacher.
Teaching brought her much joy. After her divorce she went back to school. Got her teaching degree and started teaching. There’s nothing much to her story. She figured that if she couldn’t have children with the man she married then she would just teach them and wait. Wait for her time. She knew one day her prince would come and who knows her prince might be right around the corner.

“Girl does your mouth ever stop moving?! Said Natasha. “You just don’t understand. I don’t have a lot of friends. You are my ONE and ONLY friend! If I don’t tell you about my drama then I am going to have to call my MOM and you know how much I and she don’t get along girl! Why you being like that? What’s wrong?”
Natasha said, “Girl nothing just thinking before I get to work and I have to deal with my loud and nosy little kids! Now get outta my room so I can take a shower!”

“All right, all right settle down class! Ms. Morgan said. She had got there before Natasha and she was trying to get the class to be quiet. A room full of 5yr olds was not her ideal job. She had hoped to be done with school by now but minor setbacks with her mom kept her from that.
“Damn where is she? She is always running late!” she thought as she took some crayons from a little boy who was trying to write on a little girls shirt instead of his paper.

Natasha enters the class saying “Good morning my favorite class! How are you guys and gals today!” Natasha was not in the mood for all their little crying and winning. Today was just not the day. All at once the students ran up to her and all she heard was “Good morning Ms. Natasha, I missed you!” “Ms Natasha I love you!”
As Natasha finally settled her class down and is in the middle of her rotations Jackie the assistant director comes in and tells her she needs to talk to her. Jackie pulls Natasha to the side and says, “Natasha we finally got the materials on how to update your class to not be so bland. Here are a couple of ideas you might want to use just to liven up the place a little bit.” Jackie hands Natasha a few print outs. “Look at this one! It’s showing how you can use your sensory table not just for sand but incorporating the theme of the week into it.” Natasha shrugged she wasn’t really feeling it, but she let Jackie go one. Natasha was more worried about Morgan. She had been watching Morgan ever since Jackie stepped foot in the class and Morgan’s eyes never tor away from them two.
Damn she nosy. No one can say anything around her. Look at her just staring at us. She not even looking at DJ with them scissors I bet he try to cut Maliyah’s hair again.
And as Natasha went back to listening to Jackie all we heard was a scream!
“MS. MORGAN, MS MORGAN DJ CUT MY HAIR!!” As Jackie and Natasha rushed over to see what was wrong. Maliyah was holding one long pigtail braid in her hand crying hysterically!
“Morgan what happened?” asked Jackie. “I don’t know!” replied Morgan. “I didn’t see him, I didn’t even know he still had the scissor’s!” Morgan said. “Yeah right” Natasha thought. Morgan is always in someone’s business except in her own. She always has to know everything and everyone’s business.
One day I was going through a rough time and I didn’t efel like talking to anyone and Morgan kept coming up to me and asking “What’s wrong? Is it something I did? Did I do something wrong? Talk to me girl! You know I’m here for you!” I didn’t say anything I just let her talk then I told her “I don’t want to talk about it.” but she kept it going all day. All I heard was “Are you sure your ok? Don’t you want to talk about it? It helps if you talk!” Finally the day was over and I went home. She is always like that. She is always telling me everyone’s business. She know about who is sleeping with who and who is dating who. It’s horrible I have been told the office, but they don’t believe me. they just say, “She’s friendly that’s all.”
But back to the matter at hand I always have to defuse a situation when Morgan is in over her head.
“Come here Maliyah’s.” I said. “Everything is going to be fine.” and I shot her my million dollar smile, but he wasn’t buying it. Big crocodile tears were just profusely running down her chubby cheeks. All I heard was “Morgan can I talk to you for a second?” And for the next 1 hour I finished my rotation and had the kids settling down reading them a book when Morgan came back in. She look like she had been crying and she looked very sad. I didn’t want to immediately ask her what was wrong so I waited until the kids went to Art class and I dove in like she does me!

“Girl what happened? For a minute I thought you were fired until you came back.” I chuckled “I got reamed girl. They had to call Maliyah’s parents and her mom was not happy. She asked to speak to me and I got on the phone. She was real nice, until I said I didn’t see the little boy cut her daughter’s hair. She was furious! Asking me “Where did he get the scissors? Why didn’t you take them when he was done? Why weren’t you watching them what were you doing?” I felt like I was in an interrogation room girl! Morgan said. “What happened after they called her parents?” I asked. “Well, they asked me why wasn’t I paying attention and I should be watching the kids, and also that I have to be real careful, because J also did the same thing last year in Ms. Kyi’s class , except he cut his own hair!!” I was like “I know and understand and told her it wouldn’t happen again.”
“Morgan can I be real with you?” Morgan nodded. “I think I know why you didn’t see DJ cut her hair.” “Why Morgan replied?” Because you were to busy paying attention to me and Jackie’s conversation that you were not even watching the kids! I’m not trying to say that you’re a bad teacher or anything you were just not watching them. You were so focused on what me and Jackie were talking about you weren’t even paying attention to DJ.”
Morgan nodded. “I saw him with the scissors. I was hoping that your were paying attention though. After all Jackie was talking to me and I didn’t want to look like I wasn’t listening to her!” “So you saw him with the scissors?” Morgan asked. “Yes I did.” I replied “Why didn’t you stop him? Why didn’t you say something? This is all your fault! If you would have said something none of this would have happened. How could you do this to me? You wanted me to get in trouble didn’t you? I knew you didn’t like me!”
“What now hold up a minute and calm down! Do you need a breather?” “No I need to know why you didn’t stop him!” “Well first off I didn’t stop him because I didn’t see him! I only saw him with the scissors playing like he was going to cut something! Second you were so bust into my conversation you forgot the task at hand. It’s not my fault that he cut Maliyah’s hair. That’s all on you. You blaming me for your noisiness is not helping the situation!”
Just then Jennifer the teacher next door comes in and asks if everything is ok. We say yeah and she leaves. not even 5 minutes later as we are still discussing the situation and I’m trying to get the class in order in comes Brittney and Lonnie. They saw that Jackie and Irene want to see us in their office and they will take care of the class until we come back.
As we are walking to the office I am so nervous and so scared. Did they hear us? I wonder who told them we were having an issue? Am I going to get fired? Oh Lord here we go!
As they reach the office and go in and sit down. Jackie and Irene are there and they don’t look to happy! By the time Natasha sat down her palms were sweaty and her knees were buckling. She really needed this job.
“Well, Irene said, the reason I called you to in my office is because I just got wind of some news I wanted you two to be made aware of. Maliyah’s mom is talking about pressing charges against you Morgan. The charges won’t stick but it she goes through with it, then there will be an investigation and a performance review. I have no doubt that you are a good teacher, but this is not a minor incident. This is major. DJ could have seriously hurt someone or himself. So I brought Natasha and Jackie in here to tell their side of the story to see where it went wrong. Natasha you may start.”
“Well all I know is that Jackie came in and pulled me aside to show me the stuff for my classroom. My back was not to the classroom, I had a perfect view. I did see DJ with the scissors playing like he was going to cut something, but I gave him the “you better put those down look” and he put them down and started gluing. The next thing I know, Maliyahs’ running up to me with her braid in her hand and crying. That’s all I saw”
“Ok Natasha, well let me just tell you both this. Jackie said she did not see anything. That her back was to the classroom and all she saw was Maliyah run up to you Natasha with her braid in her hand. Now looking at all the evidence something went wrong. Somewhere along the line, Morgan you were not watching the class. You said that you were when we called you in here but how did you not see him cut her hair? Were you distracted? did something catch your eye?”
Morgan replies “No. I must have just turned away for a minute.” “I’m sorry I almost forgot, I did see something. Natasha saw the Morgan was trying to cover her butt, but Natasha was not about to go down for anyone. no matter how much she liked her. “I saw Morgan looking at me and Jackie. Everything Jackie was saying and me also she was just staring at us. If you ask Morgan what we were talking about I bet she tells you.” “Hey what are you talking about, just because I heard your conversation doesn’t mean I was not paying attention to the kids!” Morgan said. I know Natasha said but that is what you were doing. Listening to us and watching our ever move. You always do that when someone walks in the room! that’s what happened the last time when Ross poured glue into Ashley’s hair last week. Heather came to ask me a question and you were all into our conversation that you were not paying attention to the kids and boom there you have it!” “That is not true!” Morgan said
“Ladies, ladies now is not the time for arguing. Now Morgan is this true? Were you paying attention to Jackie and Natasha and not watching the kids? I want you to think real hard, now and try to look back.”
Morgan searched her brain. She went back and she tried to see what Natasha was saying but she wasn’t seeing it. “No I was not !” Morgan replied. By this time Natasha was hot. Her and Morgan were just talking and Morgan knew she was wrong, but now that her job might be on the line she is trying to lie to get out of it.
“Well that’s that I guess. We will be talking about it further. Right now you two have to get back to work. said Irene.
And with that said Natasha and Morgan walked out of the meeting feeling not so sure about there jobs.
“What do you think we should do Irene?” Jackie said. You know what we should do girl, don’t even try to play m!. Did you see how she came in here? Trying to tell us all that BS! I knew it was just a matter of time before all this came to a head. I didn’t have anything on her, now I do. She was obviously worried about losing her job. At 2:30 when she is done with her bus run tell her to come and see me. It’s time I start taking out the trash around here!” And with that Jackie walked out snickering and couldn’t wait the next 4hrs until blast off!!


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