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A Stolen Heart

A Stolen Heart

My heart melts
No knots this time
Thoughts of the perfect, perfect crime
I’m taking it
It’s all mine
The thief I am
About to proclaim
That everything he is, is mine
Even his name
He won’t even see me coming
I’ll be as quiet as a mouse
And then when all is said and done
He won’t even notice
I’ve pounced
Oh how I love you
Oh how I need you
Thought’s of you swim and float
In my mind I can’t turn it off
I have no remote
In your face I gleam
What a man
I’m always cheering for you
I’m your biggest fan
Mine I’ll make you
You won’t be sorry
It’s like walking into a dungeon
You’ll start with worry
But once you see me
And all that we’ll be
Floating on cloud 9
In the future you’ll see
But as I plan my crime
There’s only one way to start
By professing
My love
and stealing your heart!!


Written for Mr. Chance himself!!!



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