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A Lil Frunt


Bathed in your laugh
Covered in your smile
Reminded everyday
That this only happens once in a while
Drunk in your voice
When I breath
There is no choice
Breath taken you are
In my world
You are the star
Clothed in your beauty
Wrapped in your eyes
When you’re not with me
All the neighbors hear is cries
White lies I tell myself
That make you mine
I’m puttin’ on a frunt
To bad it’s not a crime
9 to 10 and back again
The jail cells callin’
And my lies begins
I’m drinkin’ you in
Careful not to waste a drop
I can’t sip
I have to gulp
I can’t help it
I just can’t stop
My mind wanders
I can’t help it
Your all that I want
And until me meet again
I’ll stay lost
In my little frunt




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