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Love’s Shock

Love’s Shock

I dream of your love
Your touch, your hugs
I dream when you touch me it hurts
I love you so much
It’s so painful
So much love for you runs through my body
I can never stop it
My body just aches so badly
Have you ever been in love and it hurts
But that good love
That good hurt
That shield you from the sun hurt
That pride hurt
That lost hurt
That makes you wanna cry hurt
I dream of your love
And the awful pain you’ll cause me
But the love you’ll give
Will hold no boundaries
I lay in silence
And listen to you there
Wanting to reach out
And let you know I’m still here
I touch you and get an electric shock
From my hands to my thighs
To my breast I rise
Coming alive
This is the ultimate prize
I kiss you and call out
The pain is unbearable
It starts with my mouth
We touch and a shock
Pulsates my body
Leaving me numb
And awake for the calling
The heat rises and rises
I’m burning up in myself
My love is about to
Just pour off the shelf
I dream of your love
And only you
And I’ll wait for that moment
When you get shocked to



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