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A Reality Dream


My dreams, your dreams

Everyone dreams

I look at you and my eyes do a dance

Outlining your body

My fingers glide across your chest

And do a little prance

R Kelly plays in the back ground

As your embracing my body

Every soft stoke when you touch

My breath exhales so smooth

Right out of me

I’m ready, so ready,

Oh yeah I’m ready

You look at me and dead on, in my eyes

I look at you back

And I’m so surprised

The temperature is rising

And I know you’re ready

You’re like a small, tall Teddy

Whose got me all ready

You kiss me, I melt

I’m yours to the core

I don’t disappoint

And trust me, I don’t bore

You kiss me all over

Every inch of me

You licked me all over

And I feel so free

My dreams, your dreams

Baby everyone dreams

But when I wake up

I make my dreams a reality

Or so it seems!



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