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I used to think that the next time I fell in love it wouldn’t be complicated. That somehow god had my back and it would just be that good great love with no worries. Oh how the fuck was I ever so wrong. How did I get here is what I’m asking myself today.

Well the man that I love I’m not even 85% that he loves me. When you love someone you just hope and pray that they love you. But this relationship that I’m in I feel just real real dare I say stupid. I’m always on his time I get no time of my own, only when I’m complaining do I get anytime. Who does that? Who treats people like that? This man and I do mean grown man is getting on my fucking nerves. He treats me like I’m a random chick that is supposed to wait for him every second. I wish it were different. I find myself in the past few weeks crying over him. The last time I cried this much and this hard was when I split from my stupid ass ex Eric.

Why do we as women put up with this shit? Probably because, we can see the good, even when they can’t see it.  I’m tired of this nigga just treating me just like I don’t exist. He treats me as if whenever he is ready for me I should be ready. I’m so tired; I’m tired of living like this. I don’t want a relationship like this if this is how it is going to be.

Well anyways that you for listening and letting me vent. I’ll keep you posted!!



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