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Frozen yogurt for 1 please!

Well it’s been a long time since I’ve written lol! Sorry I’ve been a little pre-occupied with life to let anyone in! Well I’m back because things have went down and I need to vent! Well here goes nothin…

As I’m in my restroom washing my hands, I see a frozen yogurt card. Now I know it’s not mine it’s hers. So I ask her about it and she says yes. Now at that moment I’m not pissed. I’m beyond pissed. My feelings are really hurt. I mean how could she go there and not tell me. I mean we be on the phone 24/7 and she didn’t even reveal this to me. I mean what the fuck. If I had not even said nothing about the card or the yogurt I believe she would not have even told me. I’m really just pissed that she did not tell me. I mean we spend like every fuckin waking moment together and everything. We were texting on the phone when she had went. I bet you she notified her other fuckin friends whom she clams she don’t have. Now my head is spinning. Really it boils down to, why didn’t she just notify me? Did she go with someone else. Did she think I was going to get mad? What really was it.

I went on with my day and finally I voiced my opinion. I told her my feelings were hurt because she went with out me and she basically told me that she knew that I didn’t like frozen yogurt and that I never go to a frozen yogurt place. So I kind of dismissed it because I mean this was about frozen yogurt right? I must have gone crazy. Yeah I was jealous that I wanted to try the place with her and she didn’t even ask me even though she thought I didn’t like it. I just gave up a loosing battle.

I went on and then decided to go get in the shower. When I went into the restroom I say that daymn card again and started to feel some type of way again. Well I took the card and hid it under the money it was sitting on but, before I did that I looked at the card more closely. It was a gift card! Now I’m thinking in my brain this chick bought a fuckin gift card to this place?!?!? Then I’m like fuck no she didn’t! It was given to her by someone. Who I have no idea. Since everyone knows she like yummilicious, what the fuck was this. I mean really. Then I started thinking about our conversation earlier. How she stated that she just knew that I do not like frozen yogurt and that I never go to a frozen yogurt shop.

Then I got to thinking again. When I first met her I have never tasted frozen yogurt before and when we went to yummilicious I told her it was straight and I was actually the one to suggest us go there the rest of the times we went there. Hell it was me not her. She never suggested it. Whenever she would say “I have not had yummilicious in a while.: I would ask her did she want to go and she would say no. So what the hell? She was dead wrong in that aspect. At this point I’m thinking she said all that to cover up something. What I don’t know. I was not to pissed really that she went without me, I am more pissed that she tried to make all those accusations that were so not true. But I had dismissed the conversation earlier so I was like whatever.

If you know me you know my emotions show on my face and she kind of figured it out but not really. I don’t think she expected me to say everything I said. But I said it. Everything I said or wrote to you just now. Now I’m writing this entry to get it off my chest for good. I just want to know am I wrong? Am I over-exaggerating? Am I trippin? Or am I just being a hormonal gyrl right now that just needs to chill? I don’t think I am for the record!! 🙂



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