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The Mountain

The Mountain

This mountain is high
The elevation has knocked out my hearing
Racing to the bottom in not an option
Got to keep pressing forward
The wind is howling
Like a wolf in the night
Believe me I don’t want to be here
I’d rather be swimming somewhere tropic
Or beaching somewhere exotic
Instead I’m racing to the top
Because I was forced up the hill
Forced to come to terms with
The cracks and the steepness
The course rocks are what really get me
How can you balance when they are always in the way?
Sometimes I want to scream
But that does no good
I try to erase them out my way
But when I always look up, they are still there
I guess like a part of life
It’s not going any where
But I suppose if the rock were smooth
It would be way worse
I wouldn’t get 2 feet of the ground
Without hitting it again
Instead I stand in the middle
Contemplate moving forward
Moving upward
It would be easier to go back down to level ground
But if I don’t reach the top
I suppose I’ll never know if I could make it
So as I put one foot in front of the other
And climb to new highs
I hope this mountain does not give out
Because I’m sure putting up quite a fight




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