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A wreck

Lying to my face is no good
When I call you out you get mad
Get a backbone
Get a spine
You lied to my face
And now you’re questioning me?
Are you for real?
You must not know who I am
I’m not stupid
So stop treating me like so
I can read it on your face
Chick you already know
An important event in your life
And you lie to my face
You might as well slap me
You’re the one that is such a disgrace
You never remember
And it seems to be me
I take the blame because you can’t clearly see
You’re still young and very fragile
Stuck in the selfish phase of your life
Only your family can deal
I’m tired of you and all your little antics
Why can’t you have sense?
Instead of being like this
You act stupid and dumb
And sometimes like a bitch
I can’t stand to be around you sometimes
That should be a crime!
As you look in my face you stay steady crying!
An emotional wreck
I think need help
Some medication or intoxication
Relaxation or just a vacation
Your bi-polar is running the show
And soon it will take over
I hope it won’t be too late
Because I’m tired of bending over!



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