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A Perfect World

In a perfect world

Things would be different

I would be different

Hearts wouldn’t be broken

Feelings wouldn’t be hurt

Love would be surrounded

And pain would disappear

Thoughtfulness would run the earth

Like wild horses running free

No selfishness or inconsiderateness

No being standoffish

Or hiding my words

I’d be happy and giddy

Not high maintenance and sidity

I wouldn’t hide my feelings

Waiting for you to figure them out

I’d tell you what’s wrong

And save all the misery and doubt

A perfect world isn’t perfect

I’m not perfect

Pedistols are for reaching something out of reach

I don’t need to be put on a pedistol

You can reach me just fine

In a perfect world you would be different

Emotions not so high

You won’t be to quick to cry

Attention you’ll pay

To make me ok

Try to figure me out

Instead of skulking and falling in a pout

I love my life

I wouldn’t have it any other way

But a perfect world strikes me

I have a feeling everything would be okay








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