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A prayer

Dear God,

I know there is a purpose in my life. I know that you have my back but, it feels like the devil is really trying to work in my life. I need your help. My life is crazy and sometimes I feel helpless. I wish I had someone to talk to. I know you have my back and I know there is a purpose for everything. I know you don’t cause any harm we do that to ourselves. One day it will happen. I trust that you have better plans for me. It just sucks that the plans I have for my life are not good for my life. I will move on, I will get better. A broken heart is not easily mended but, I know I have to make the right choices in my life. I wish my life were different. I wish it were better. I wish people treated me different. I know I deserve better than what I have been settling for. It just hurts that when someone sees that they just don’t care. Lord please work in everyone’s heart that is not following your heart. I pray that you give me guidance and a forgiving heart. I’ll hand it over to you and you can have it. If it’s ment to be it will be. In your name is pray.




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