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The Jar

I was given this pretty jar on New Year’s Eve.


It was a promise to me, for the person in my life to do better to me. I was scared when I first received this jar. I mean it was full of many promises. I mean all about how to treat me right and for them how to learn about me. I guess this jar means nothing now.

2016-01-20 19.38.08

It’s been about a little over 2 ½ weeks since I received it and now we not even speaking. Sometimes I wish I could fast forward through this heartache. I wish I could give back the jar. I mean it is for promises to me but me having it seems pointless but, I don’t want to let it go. I don’t want it to be over. I want it to be real.

2016-01-20 19.36.13

I spent my past relationship just letting someone treat me the way they wanted to and hping it would get better. This relationship I didn’t want to do that. I did in the begininng and I know that was my mistake but, in the end I didn’t. I tried to speak up for myself and my feelings. Some people think and see me as a strong woman which I am but, I have feeling to. I hurt and bleed to. Wheres that person out there that is willing to fight for me? Where is that person that can’t live without me? I’m tired of giving my all and getting only 50%. I want to give 100% and they need to give 100%. Maybe one day that will happen.





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