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Near Death Experience

2016-01-21 07.11.18


When you have a near death experience  it gets you to thinking about your life. The mistakes you have made and the people you have hurt. The picture you see is pain and heartache.

That person was talking about me. Right after I called them and the dismissed my call. It didn’t hurt that they dismissed my call. It hurt that they went and posted on IG this as if I really did not exist. If you could understand what they did to me you might get a clue into what has happened.

If I tell you what happened you might be shocked on both sides.

I told that person that I did not want to talk to them ever again. I was in my feelings they had just told me that they knew I was mad about them lying to me and that they were not gonna try to help me because I guess they just weren’t. That hurt. I mean if you know what I have been through with this person, you would think it is absolutely absurd. As must as I’ve put my feelings to the side to help this person and try to understand and actually be understanding. It just hurts.

I’m glad they are smiling though. I think I have to cut myself off of them completely.  I have to unfollow them on IG so I can stop seeing them. I have to cut them off completely.  But what really gets me is the fact that they have not erased me. I’m gonna pop up and get my closure and that’s that. I’m gonna let it go. They were right, I deserve better and I’m not gonna let them turn this around and make it about them. They made promises and they reneged on them and I will hold them accountabl. They think they are getting off easily. Well they are not. I will get my closure.

This situation reminds me of the Love and Hip-Hop episode I saw last night. This guy was cheating on his girlfriend and he took her to a party that his side-chick was at. In the end the girls got in a fight and all. The next few days were filled with the go not talking to the be lol. The boyfriend is a popular dj so he felt so day now bad about how he treated both girls because he did tell his side-chick that he didn’t have a main girl. So his as went on the radio and declared his love for his gf. Said her name, what he did, I mean everything he did! To prove to his gf that he was serious and sorry. I mean it’s like 3 million people that listen to him on the radio. That’s got to mean something right?

This man realized that his chicken was hurting real bad and that he faced up. That how it want to be treated if anyone ever wanted to get back with me. Run after me, chase me, do something out of the ordinary to show you really care. That’s all that a female wants. To show that you care.

All anyone wants really is for you to listen to there feelings and not judge them. Not think about yourself in the situation. Think about how you made them fee and try to make them feel better. This part comes with paying attention to your partner. Understanding how they operate and knowing the things that they like. I know I will find that one day. Hopefully God will see fit before it’s too late but, I think it is never to late!



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