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Wishing it were the same

Back in the beginning

When I was happy

Right after you came

I laughed a lot

And told a million jokes

I flirted with plenty

But with you I would choke

Butterflies for days

I was smitten over you

Looking forward to your smile

I woke just to see you

But it’s different now

I can see it

I see the hope fading

And my love shifting

I find myself not caring

What you do

Hurt feelings are the worst to get over

Oh how I wish the bottle top

Will stop popping

How the phone has stopped ringing

I don’t want it anymore

You can have it all

We don’t talk like we used to

It’s a pile of crap

We don’t laugh like we used to

I feel like I’m gonna snap

Like is going in the direction I want it

But still I feel empty

All hollow inside

I don’t think I can do this

It’s too much of a wild ride

Afraid to say goodbye

Tired of the cries

And tired of the lies

It’s not that easy to let go

But somethings got to give

My hearts in a dark place

How can a person live?

Let’s let go of what’s happened

And move forward to the future

I wish you well in your life

With not a bit of strife

I’ll move on to my future

And leave the past in the past

I still believe in true love

And I believe everything will last

Goodbye past

I’ll never forget you

But remember always

I’ll still love you




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