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Taking Over

You want to be what I want?
You want me?
Do you love me?
Can you sacrifice for me?
Can you put your feelings aside for me?
Can you let me be me?
Can you love me like I need to be loved?
Can you listen to me without judgement?
Can you not be selfish and be open to change?
Can things be about me and not about you?
I’m waiting for the lite at the end of the tunnel
I’m running and running
But the lite is not getting any closer
It’s like fate is running against me
And I’m getting blinded by the minute
This world will destroy you, if you let it
People will destroy you, if they get to close
They try to manipulate you
To get what they want
Life is hard enough before you add feelings
But my life is changing
I’m going back in my box
Shutting down from the world
No more dispare
If you don’t like it
Fuck you cause I really don’t care



I Have All The Answers About Me… I Am Currently A 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade ELA Teacher… I Believe Everyone Has A Voice and This Blog Is My Voice…

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