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Any Takers?

Oh just kill me already

Put me out of my misery

We all know apparently

 I’m not good company

You search for me and I’m gone

Tired of the sacrifices

Tired of the same old song

You cut me out your life

But want me to be your wife?

You left me for hours

Not realizing the damage

Go drown yourself

Instead why don’t you die

Slice open your head

And examine your own brain

I deserve better

Than this shit in the rain

This shit is real pain

And you’re the pity party

I can’t get in my feelings

Cause you took over my whole body

The thief in the night

I don’t even put up a strong fight

Consumed with you and only you

You don’t even have the right

I hate life right now

And everything in it

Stop talking to me

Were better off as you see

5 years from now

I’ll be married with kids

And you’ll still be singing

“No wait I thought I had dibs!”

I don’t belong to you

I only have one maker

And if you’re not careful

I’ll put myself on the market for all the takers




I Have All The Answers About Me… I Am Currently A 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade ELA Teacher… I Believe Everyone Has A Voice and This Blog Is My Voice…

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