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The Red Door

Beyond this door, is your wildest dreams

Enter if you dare

The Red Door

It might look scary, or so it seems

All your wishes can come true

All your fantasies into realities

Beyond this door

The Red Door

There is new life

Things to be discovered

And things that never touch light

Believe me I was nervous when I opened it

But it has become me now

Opened my sexuality

And exposed my reality

I can smell that sweet smell

When I walked in The Red Door

 I’m greeted with a hug

And given an official tour

The aroma has me lost in thought

About how I’m gonna leave

A joke goes too far

And to you I cleave

Laughter fills the rooms

Of my screams and your silliness

Beyond that Red Door I just feel so free

Free to be me, with all my faults

Free to be crazy and wild

And just have some enjoyment

Your face is still the image I see

When I look back beyond that Red Door

So innocent and beautiful

With specs of gray

I’ve dreamed of this life in many, many ways

As we sit and consume the lovely aromas

With that sweet sound of Leon Bridges

Playing over the speakers

I look at you and picture my life

This is how I want it

This is how I want it to be

To feel

The ambiance is great

I feel like I’m not just on a playdate

As we lay on the couch

And you massage my mind

I take it a step further

And I end up walking behind

Nervousness sets in and I’m a little overwhelmed

I was the captain

But now I don’t know who is at the helm

Sex feels the air as the passion grows stronger

And when I can’t go anymore

Or take it any longer

I rest my eyes and lay down very somber

I’ve been put to rest

By the amazing awakening of the best

A kiss good night is all it took

As I close the Red Door and check for security

I look back and realize this was reality

I look at the Red Door and smile real big

As I remember the person I left in the bed

Oh how I really want more

But another day and another time

For what’s behind that Red Door




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