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A Deep Breath

“Kiss me”, I said

And he reached down

And planted his lips on mine

And dare I say I just melted

The feelings of pain, worth, sex, and infatuation

Flowed through my body

Like lava in a volcano

At first it’s simmering and I feel it rising

I’m getting hotter and hotter

I don’t want to let go

My body was yours

If you only knew it

The passion was intense

I could have kissed you forever

The passion sending shock waves through my body

Oh how am I going to recover

It’s getting more vigorous

I feel like erupting

My composure is cool

But my hands

Oh I have wondering hands

I just want to take in this moment

It so belongs to us

I stop for a moment

Just to catch my breath

Then this pain shoots through every piece of my body

And I feel like I’m about to be on fire

I breath in deep

To try to get in some sense of relief

But I don’t want relief

I want you

I kiss you again

And I’m really just at a loss for words

You smell so good

And your lips are just so pristine

This infatuation has got to stop

I breath you

I want you

And with one kiss

I still don’t have a clue

I’ve felt this way before

But somehow it seems different

This journey is fresh

And somehow with one kiss

I seem to be out of breath

And I love it

I love this feeling of wanting you

I love this feeling of being safe with you

I can’t wait to see what the future holds

But I know it’s going to be good

As our story continues to unfold




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