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The Real Me

What is character?

What does it really mean?

Do you really want to have this conversation?

I guess so, so it seems



Who you are

Do you know who you are?

Do you know your strengths?

Your weaknesses?

What makes you tick?

What makes you sick?

Why do you fly off the handle at certain things?

We spend so much of our life

Looking at other people

Judging them

Condemning them

Maybe putting them on a pedestal

That they so do not deserve

Your character will decide the fate of your life

Take a look inside of you

What do you see?

Is it evil?











We feel so many things inside

We don’t want to open up

We always try to hide

I can tell you who you are

But I can’t even tell myself who I am

It’s too hard

It hurts

Dealing with my reality

It’s too strenuous

Dealing with myself

It’s indisputable

I won’t be able to deny it

It will be accurate

Way to factual

Then I would have to actually deal with my issues

Who does that?

Avoidance is the key

But my characters on the line

This will determine how society views me

I want to be successful

I want to be a good person

OK OK I’ll do it

I’ll test myself

In every way possible

And hopefully

Maybe hopefully

I’ll learn to find the real me




I Have All The Answers About Me… I Am Currently A 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade ELA Teacher… I Believe Everyone Has A Voice and This Blog Is My Voice…

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