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Da “D” Hunt

Take your clothes off
Yea I’m dominate
Lay down
But keep your socks on
I use the tie and bedpost
My lips search the treasure map
Until I find the perfect spot
Your body shivers
And goosebumps appear
I don’t let up
I’m doing my job
That’s extremely clear
I barley did anything
But leave traces in the sand
I found two sand dollars
And they rose like a band
You love it I know it
You can’t make me stop
You just have to lay there and take it
Don’t worry when it’s over
We’ll go non-stop
But right now I’m searching
For the mountain top
The peak to be exact
So I can say I reached it
They say x marks the spot
And I’m not afraid one bit
I can feel it
The dead has arisen
High and strong
The traces lead to a place with no commission
I’m free to explore with my luscious traces
I can feel it swell to increasing heights
X marks the spot
I can see it in my sights
The lava overflows with ooey gooeyness
And my luscious traces just don’t quit
You can’t push me away
I’m going for over kill
Until I’m ready to stop
You start jerkin in the sand
I lay up
This was way better than I actually planned
I give you a minute to gather your thoughts
And I’m back at it again
And my luscious traces
Are about to have you even more distraught




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