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……First Sight

Do I know you?
I feel like I met you before
The vibe is uncanning
We jell so well.
You stepped out your truck
And I wanted to kiss you instantly
I feel like I missed you my whole life
A shot rang out
This is your first date
But I can’t help it
I want to hold his hand
Let everyone know he’s mine
And it doesn’t help
That this man is fine
He holds the door open
Listens to me when I talk
We went bowling that night
And everything just seemed right
I glanced at you at one point
And I knew I could love you forever
I fit perfectly in your arms
And you were warm and smelled delicious
I felt secure under those powerful rugged muscles
And when you kissed me
I melted like ice cream on a hot sunny day
I could have ripped your clothes off
And make love to you on that couch
In that moment it was just me and you
No one else
I was heartbroken to leave
But delighted we stayed
We listened to each other for hours
I felt like you were in my head
You knew what I was thinking
What I wanted
You knew almost everything
From just a look
My soul matched yours that night
And I tried to put up a hell of a fight
But I gave in when
You quoted my words
Words I wrote before you
Words I believe to be true
My eyes filled with water
And a tear ran down my face
As I looked you in your eyes
And remember this place
This moment with you
You’ll will be a story I tell
Of love at first sight
True love last for a lifetime
And you’re going to be my lifetime
My life line
I loved you when I saw you
I’ll love you when I leave
I loved you when I saw you
I’ll love you when I leave
I loved you when I saw you
And it’s what I believe
I loved you when I saw you
And I will love you when I leave




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