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Did I Just Do That?

When you kissed me, it was over
I almost told you to bend over
Wait I’m getting ahead of myself
That kiss brought me back to my youth
It put me in control
I started with your lips and moved down to your neck
You squirmed
And I knew I had you
I placed gentle kisses everywhere
My tongue licked you up and down
The tease is my specialty
And I found my sexuality
You moaned and groaned
And I haven’t even done anything strenuous yet
But that neck
Oh I got that neck
My hands pinned you down
You let me control you
I’m about to sex you
I told you to put it in
And you did it with ease
I grabbed your neck
And I began to squeeze
I told you deeper and harder
And you listened
You fucked me good and long
Long and strong
I convulsed bursting with energy
My goodness this isn’t like me
I got up and went down
The further I went
The more I was in control
My finger grazed it and I knew I had you
You were lovein it
My tongue grazed it
And you didn’t want me to quit
Oh I tossed yo salad
But I did more than that
My finger made an entrance
And to my surprise you loved the invite
Told me don’t quit
And if I keep loving you like this
I might cause you to commit
Oh I love this control
He was all mines
For those few hours
There were no crimes
I could do whatever I wanted to you
Oh yeah your game
I got you eating out the palm of my hand
Oh yeah I got you
But next time
I think my dildo will do



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