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Where the waste lies


There’s a storm coming

Words that hurt deep in my soul

The permanent glue that sticks to you

I can’t rest easy

I don’t feel free

Thoughts brew

Light a witch on a stormy night

I’m strong enough to put up a fight

My bed lays empty

Like the bottom of the cereal box

Can’t move forward

Surly can’t go back

Your words mean nothing

Its like giving a 2 year old the dictionary

Just something to play with and drool on

I’ve been spit on and kicked on

Slapped at and stomped on

Oh how I wish things were different

That things would change

You brought the devil in my life

And didn’t even consult me

You’re weak to the degree of overcooked asparagus

To soggy with hate

And too flexible to bend out of reason

You set a trend

And I don’t want to follow

Hate has filled your heart

From the others before me

You looked for a reason to cast me out

You’re like a bully on a Monday morning

Patrolling the yard, watchin for the weak

Trying to find someone to manipulate

Discriminate and take the bait

I was case study 1

I look at you and I see weak

Evil has a hold on you

And you’re tryin to hold on to me for dear life

But in my time of need

I don’t need you

In my time of need I hold on to God

To break loose of evils hands I cry out to my lord

And every step, I take evil releases their hold

You can’t keep me with you

Because I refuse to stay

I feel sorry for you

Cause when that storm is coming

I don’t go running

I stay and fight

And you run like a dog with all its might

To go hide out until it’s over

One step at a time and there will be a takeover

Your weak and I’m forceful

You’re unconvincing and I’m persuasive

And at the end of the day

No matter who the jury is

Bullies don’t win

They just end up in the gutter

Where all the other waste is




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