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Silent Walls

Silent walls

A normal day just like any other

I lay in my bed

Deep undercover

Good morning to you

And the silence appears

As if I didn’t speak

Then here come the tears

My eyes are open

But my brain is mistaken

The love that was here

Is now gone

The silence is deafening

And loneness creeps upon me

This life I live is not for the faint hearted

I get up look in the mirror

And reflect on life

A life without love

Is no life at all

I’ve prayed for him

Even stayed a few times

Thinking this was the plan

But they were really just crimes

I start my day

With a cup of coffee

To ease the pain of all the silence

No laughter or joy

Or that morning first kiss

A life without love

Seems like quite a risk

Afraid to back

The past is not where I want to be

Wanting to move forward

But it’s hard so hard to see

Am I a good person?

Do I have good intentions?

As I lay back down and whisper

“I love you”

I look around

And all I see are silent walls

They listen to my plea and my cries

But they speak not

It’s deafening you hear me

But no one can hear me

I close my eyes and let it all sink in

One day this house will be full of joy

And laughter and love

But until then

I’ll talk to the silent walls

And who knows

Maybe they will talk back


Copywrite October 8, 2016 by: Khaniqua J Davis


I Have All The Answers About Me… I Am Currently A 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade ELA Teacher… I Believe Everyone Has A Voice and This Blog Is My Voice…

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