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A Sign from my Future

This holiday
I’ll spend it with you
Around our table, in our house
We’ll give thanks for everything and everyone
We’ll invite our families
And spend some bonding time
Your mom will share her food secrets
And my dad will share my most embarrassing secrets
I’ll wake up to you wanting to help in the kitchen
But not before you tell me you love me
And that you are thankful for me
You look me in my eyes
And I can see you
You don’t even have to say it
Because I already know
I tell you I can’t imagine my life without you
I feel like I’m living in a fantasy world
This man is all mine
And I get to wake up next to him
For the rest of my life
Oh how thankful I am
I kiss him like this is the last time I’ll see him
I love him like this is the last time
This is our moment
And I don’t want to waste it
I’ve spent the better part of my life wanting this
Wanting this love
Wanting you
And I’m not going to waste it
I love you my future
I love you my man
And with time I know we will get there
So this holiday
I’ll love you and wish you were mine
This holiday I’ll wait
Til’ you give me the sign



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