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A&F 1606

When I first arrived
I was so nervous
Not knowing what to expect
Were you gonna like me?
Will I finally get to kiss you?
Hug you? and maybe even love you?
What was going to happen behind that door?
Was a question that always plagued me
Would we make love?
Or just kiss until the sun came up?
Would you teach me how to play?
Would you sample your music?
Would you give me a grand tour?
Would you treat me like the queen I am?
My thoughts were rampant
As I looked at that door
1609 was the number
I scrolled through many many movies
And we said many many words
Your kisses…
Passionate and loving
But then things changed
This is my last arrival
And you’re not there to greet me at the door
Nervous about what is behind the door
But when I knock
I wish you were there
So we could have a do over
So I could have one last kiss
One last hug
But I guess our first kiss
Was our last
And I’ll cherish it forever
As I look at the door
And take my memories and remember
Forever I’ll remember
And I’ll remember forever
Always and forever



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