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Survive with Me

I can’t pick up the phone
It kills me
I couldn’t even tell you good morning
I hate it
I miss you so much
Knowing that I can’t see you
And be with you
I can only dream now
Dream of talking to you
And dream of being in your arms
When I saw you today
I couldn’t turn away
I looked at you, as if you were gonna disappear
I wanted to leap and hug you
Give you a kiss
Never let you go
I miss you
I need you
When we talk
Never let go
Never let go of me
Don’t let me walk away
Keep me, like I’m gonna keep you
Love me forever
Forever love me
My feelings are strong
From day one I was smitten
That day
Love at first sight was written
All my emotions are pouring out
Like Niagara Falls
There will never be a drought
Never being a dull day if you keep me
I love you
It’s as simple as that
And we are not simple people
We’re greedy people
I’m greedy
I want you all to myself
I’m gonna lock you up in my jail
You’ll be the stereotype all right
I’ll give you everything you need to survive
Food for thought
When things get tough
For all those lonely nights
Air to breath
When you can’t breathe yourself
A life
A life to live, with me forever
Everything you need is right here
Everything you want has been here
I need you
I want you
I love you




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