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Why the “P”

Why the “P”
Because it reminds me of you
Every stroke and every note
I love to sit and watch you play
I get lost in the music
I get lost in you
The elegance
The passion
Your gift is astounding
Why the “P”
It keeps me focused on the thing I want most
The life I want
The love I’ll cherish
The man that sits behind it
His striking beauty
And brings me to tears
The memories I have
Every time I see the “P”
I think of you
What we could be
What we could do
Conquer the world
So why the “Piano”
Why is it in every picture
Because you’re in every though
Every memory
Every kiss and every hug
And everything that I do
I have a memory of you
You drive me
I love you
I need you
I want you
So, one day you’ll ask
Why the “Piano”
And I’ll finally get to tell you
Everything that I have been holding on to




I Have All The Answers About Me… I Am Currently A 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade ELA Teacher… I Believe Everyone Has A Voice and This Blog Is My Voice…

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