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The Patient Table

The table is set
I’m all in
The aroma is inviting
It smells delicious
Glass set by the hour with love
Skillet sizzling and the heat above
Waiting for your call
As I sit at the table and wait
Did I do something wrong?
As I go back in my mind and contemplate
Your invited as a guest
You made your own plans
But forget me nots
These plans you sand
Was it really true
Are you really, real?
I can’t really let you know how I feel
You’re the guy with no plan
And I’m a woman with a future
How does this work?
Am I wasting my time?
Wasting energy?
Hoping for the best?
A dashing face
Worth a million kisses
A loveable heart
Full of hopes and wishes
A sexy body
That I’ll nurture for all our days
And in many different ways
I don’t pay to play
I’ll let you have it for free
What’s in me
Don’t leave me
Don’t walk away
Don’t be scared I don’t bite
I’ll love you in every way passible
10,000 ways to love you
And make love to you
A lifetime to summit and worship you
I’m her, are you him?
Can you give me what I deserve?
Above my wildest dreams?
What do you dream?
I can be all that and more
Give you rainbows, after the storm
Life will be spectacular
But with only me in it
If only me and you could get through it together
The table has been set
And I’m all in
116% I’ll put on it
For us to win
Let go of the past
And embrace your future
For all to see
The table is set
And I’ll patiently wait
For you to join me



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