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Great Company

Springy and breezy
I’m in great company
Towering in height
I reach out to say hello
You smell delicious
And your lips look divine
How did I get so lucky
To possibly have you be mine?
We’re seated with urgency
And I’ve got my game face on
You fidget a little
And the nerves have set in
The shoes on the other foot
And eye contact in not on your menu
The dialogue is great
But the sexual attraction is better
Your talking
And I think I’m listening
Your mouth is shouting kiss me
And my body pains all over
Hormones raging
This man might want to take cover
I want to love
I want to kiss
I want to suck all over your body
My soul belongs to you
My life is beginning a new
A new chapter
Letting go of the past
And staring into my future
This time right now
This is our moment
We want it
We need it
It’s right on time
You’re my Titus 2:2
Don’t leave me
Cause I’ll be here
Proverbs 31:10 will forever live in me
Walk beside me
Love and cherish me
A penny for my thoughts
I’ll be a rich woman
With a king by myside
I’ll be in great company
Because I know we’ll enjoy this ride



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