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Find your way back

Without you I feel empty
I walk around with a facade like everything is OK
But there’s only part of me here
I gave you my heart
And never got it back
A love lost
Waiting for the return
How can you love someone
That you have not spent time with?
Never laughed with
Joked with
Not even made love to
I kissed you one time
And that’s all I needed
You stole my heart
With the key intact
I spent nights wondering when you would return
To come back and love me
To just come back to me
My heart aches when you’re not around
My beds empty
I want to lay with you
My arms are empty
I wanna hold you
My hands are empty
I wanna stroke you
My love is waiting
It wants to cherish you
It doesn’t care what you did
Love doesn’t care what you do
Just, as long, as you come back
The pieces will align back together
My love doesn’t hold grudges
My love is yours for the taking
It’s waiting for you
Come back to it
Come back to us
I love you we need you
This pain seems unbearable
And the tears roll like thunder
Why do I feel this way?
Why does it hurt so bad?
I try not to think about it
I try to shut it in
But when I see everyone’s love
Explode for each other
It reminds me that you’re not here
It reminds me that there is a missing link
I want so bad for you to come and find me
To fix me
To heal me
You’re the only one that can make it better
Can’t you see
I’m in love with you
My love loves you
My soul loves you
And if you’re not with me
I’ll never be whole
I want to be whole
Come back to me
Please come back to us





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