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A glowing heart’s faith

Rigged places
Strange faces
Different avenues
No real venues
The sky stays blue
I wish it would rain
The dark clouds will bring out my pain
Never warm
Always cold
Sitting and waiting
For life to unfold
At a standstill
Everything seems broken
Every time I speak
My words are not spoken
Vanished like the air in the nights’ warm sky
Unlike birds who sing when they cry
Life’s a make of emptiness and sadness
Hurt and pity mixed with turmoil and hope
I can’t sing praises
If I can’t see it
I can’t be grateful
If I don’t feel it
I can’t feel hopeful
If I have no hope
I can’t feel faithful
If I have no faith
An unknowing belief
And trust is… faith
My world can be ripped to shreds
Crashing down like lightening to a tree
But I will not falter
I will not wither
There are things I don’t understand
And things that I question
But faith keeps me locked in
Strapped in for the ride
I won’t subside
I won’t give in
Life’s not a picnic
But with faith I win
I love this world and it can tear you apart
But faith is my strength
And is stays glowing in my heart

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Well Deserving


I deserve better
I deserve it all
Flowers for no reason
Just because they are my favorite
Spur of the moment texts
Because you can’t stop thinking about me
Thoughtful gifts
Just because they make me smile
My smile is important
I am important
My love is important
Dates that make my heart skip beats
And jealously from my friends
That will tell me “Have several seats”
I want a love that overflows like a waterfall
A love that I can tell to my daughter
When she asks me “What is love?”
I deserve better
I deserve it all
Picnics and park walks
Massages and small talks
Sporting events with the kids in tow
My favorite scents and lingerie you should already know
Just because love
That real love
Call it impossible
But I strive for the best
And if you are not willing, go join the rest
My love over flows like milk and honey
God’s image of love is wrapped up in me
When your clothes get ironed
Or when I call and ask you
“What do you want for dinner tonight?”
When I ask about your day
And make sure you have everything you need and want
When we don’t go to sleep mad
Or when I let you know what’s going on
Love is good
It carries the same weight as God does with the world on his shoulders
I deserve better
I deserve it all
And I will graciously wait
For that right man to call

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The Patient Table

The table is set
I’m all in
The aroma is inviting
It smells delicious
Glass set by the hour with love
Skillet sizzling and the heat above
Waiting for your call
As I sit at the table and wait
Did I do something wrong?
As I go back in my mind and contemplate
Your invited as a guest
You made your own plans
But forget me nots
These plans you sand
Was it really true
Are you really, real?
I can’t really let you know how I feel
You’re the guy with no plan
And I’m a woman with a future
How does this work?
Am I wasting my time?
Wasting energy?
Hoping for the best?
A dashing face
Worth a million kisses
A loveable heart
Full of hopes and wishes
A sexy body
That I’ll nurture for all our days
And in many different ways
I don’t pay to play
I’ll let you have it for free
What’s in me
Don’t leave me
Don’t walk away
Don’t be scared I don’t bite
I’ll love you in every way passible
10,000 ways to love you
And make love to you
A lifetime to summit and worship you
I’m her, are you him?
Can you give me what I deserve?
Above my wildest dreams?
What do you dream?
I can be all that and more
Give you rainbows, after the storm
Life will be spectacular
But with only me in it
If only me and you could get through it together
The table has been set
And I’m all in
116% I’ll put on it
For us to win
Let go of the past
And embrace your future
For all to see
The table is set
And I’ll patiently wait
For you to join me

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What I want

What do I want?
Flowers every Sunday
And kisses every night
Being called beautiful is an awsome sight
Just because you care
I get those long stares
Love me forever
And make love to me everyday
What do I want?
A man that listens
And thinks about me
Understands it’s not easy
But is not quick to give up
He’s the opposite of me
And makes my heart hurt
The good hurt
The good kind of love
What do I want?
A man after my own heart
A man after God’s heart
He’ll do things just because
Just because he loves me
And wants to see me happy
A man with all the love in the world
That is kind and gentle
Rational beyond his mental
What do I want?
I want you
I want it all
The good and the bad
I need you
Your my forever
Always and forever

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Hidden Love

He walks over and sits down
And all I hear is a beautiful sound
Its graceful and elegant
But when I look at him
I’m hesitant
He’s promised to another
With a very happy life
But as I look at him
I feel alive
The sound feels the air
Like fog on a gloomy day
I’m mesmerized and paralyzed
I can feel it in my bones
Like you’re playing for me
This hidden talent
How can this be?
Your face has passion
Your fingers have grace
And when you hit the keys
It fills up the space
His eyes shut
Not even deep in thought
With every key hit
His head tilts and he begins to rock
His body jerks
As if having a deep conversation
This hidden talent
How did I not know?
Unspoken words
But that sound says a lot
I feel like I’m yours
I’m connecting with your thoughts
I look at you and kiss you
Praying we don’t get caught
Reality escapes me
But in this moment
We belong together
I’m yours and your mine
And this moment is a sign
But reality crashes at the end of the tune
And I look at you with love
As you get up and leave the room
I’ll always remember
The connection we experienced
The day you sat down
And we became one

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Her Name…

Black Death
Go into her black hole
She’d love for you to join her
She’ll make it worth your wild
She’ll bring agony, with a hint of despair
The coldest kind of love
Without any cares
She’ll kiss you
And make you melt in her arms
You’ll be her prey
You’ll fall for all her charms
Black death
Black Death is what they call her
When they want to punish you horribly bad
See you squirm in your seat
Fall with defeat
She kicks
She kicks and all the breath leaves your body
Like heat escaping a lighter
And she smiles without a care in the world
Right before she bites
And venom slithers through your body
Like a snake in heat
Not caring who or what it finds
Just knowing it wants you
The air slows like its coming to a stop
You can’t breathe and all of a sudden you drop
Black Death
Oh, she’s inside you
Entertaining, contemplating, shaking everything up
Your movements now, are like slugs
And she’s like a leaf
Gone with the wind
She is untouchable
And unstoppable
And oh so capable
And she picked you are her prey
Black Death
Black Death is what they call her
And she won’t stop until she has her say
She’s going to kill you
Make you scream out in terror
And make you remember her name
She doesn’t play any games
She’s out for blood
Can you feel her
She’s here
Your voice has escaped you
All she can see now are tears
As she stands with a grin
She can see all your fears
A mind game she has
And she tearing your world up
You’ll never be the same
Black Death
Black Death is what they call her
And she’s not even ashamed
Because in the end
Every single one will remember her name